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Unsold pilot: Co-starred with Muriel Davis, a 1956 Olympic gymnastic champion, in the pilot for a western series called, "El Coyote", about a female Zorro-like avenger.

NOTE: The pilot was eventually broadcast as a made-for-TV film, El coyote (1957).

Even the natives of Hollywood, who live in a general state of confusion anyway, were terribly bewildered when they read in their morning newspapers that the wildly publicized Ann Sheridan-George Brent marriage of less than nine months had come to an abrupt end. And a Monday morning is hard enough to take, without confusion thrown in.

Saturday before, an evening paper reported, The only people who were confused, strangely enough, were Ann's and George's friends.

She said Michael was determined that no one outside the charity should know “how much he gave to the nation’s most vulnerable children.” Emilyne Mondo told how Michael had requested fellow volunteers at a homeless shelter keep it secret that he helped out there.

She tweeted: “George Michael worked anonymously at a homeless shelter I was volunteering at. That’s who he was.” Big names from the world of entertainment have paid tribute to him after hearing about his death, which comes in a year that has seen the music industry lose some of its biggest stars including Prince, David Bowie and Leonard Cohen.

Mr Fazaz told Mirror Online: "I am shocked with what's going on with the Twitter thing. The news follows reports that Michael was struggling to cope with the fact his singing ability had been impaired by the bout of pneumonia he contracted from in 2011.

But once she obtains is ideal it no longer holds any attraction for him.He was also remembered for small acts of kindness: helping his village in north London get a Christmas tree, and volunteering at a homeless shelter.The singer-songwriter, who was set to release a documentary in 2017, passed away peacefully at home on Christmas Day.A source close to the singer told The Mirror: “Losing voice capacity for a man like him was like losing his inner self or his soul.“Things got so dark and difficult after it hit him. George would never be the same man again – and more importantly, never be the same singer.

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